2008 Motorama 1962

The Road Rockets Car Club would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in the 3rd Annual Motorama 1962.  Without all of the great people and outstanding vehicles we would have never been able to make it the success that it was!  There were so many people who worked very hard to make this show what it was, most importantly all of our friends who showed up to display their cars, some traveling from as far away as St. Louis!




A special thank you goes out to John Cooper for all of his hard work, Jim Linder from Bubba's Hot Rod Shop for providing the decals for the show, Dan Huffman for running the drive-in movies, Oil Can Harry for his wonderful Stoutfield slide-show, John Welsh for designing and building the People's Choice award, Alan Mayes and Old Skool Rodz for their support and Bill Bronson for bringing out his 1952 Indy Motorama "Give Away" car, it certainly was a special treat for everyone!

A special thank you also goes out to all of the Indy Drag Racers who showed up to participate in our Memorabilia Display;  Wayne Jones, Paul Davis, Phil Hobbs, Chuck Witmer and Pee Wee Whitiker!  They all had a fantastic weekend catching up on old times, some seeing each other for the first time in over 30 years!  They all also had fun posing for pictures and signing autographs!

We would also like to thank all those who participated in the Pin-Striper's Panel Jam who raised money for local charities.

Also we would like to thank all of the HAMBers who participated in the MEET & GREET at the Road Rocket tent... the custom decals were GREAT!

Another BIG thank you goes out to the Cincinatti Auto Replicas Model Car Club for setting up and sharing their passion of model cars!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Mike Lanning of Kokomo for winning our People's Choice Award with his awesome/outstanding/beautiful 1951 yellow Mercury Custom!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS also goes out to the Push Rods for showing up in force and taking home the Club Supprt award!

Once again, we the Road Rockets, could not have had a successful show without each one of our friends coming out on a frigid weekend to have a great time!  The entire room was filled with great traditional rods, hot rods, customs, gassers, dragsters and Indy cars, along with GREAT PEOPLE!


Thank you John Welsh for designing and building our 8ft.  People's Choice Traveling Trophy!


Thank you to Chuck Witmer, Paul Davis, Phil Hobbs, Pee Wee Whitiker and Wayne Jones, legendary Hoosier drag racers!


Congratulations to Mike Lanning for winning this year's People's Choice Award!



Patty M.'s Photos!



John T. Crain's Photos