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Motorama 1962 Update!!!

Just a heads up the dates for the

Motorama 1962 have change to

April 16-18, 2021 at the Indiana

State Fairgrounds! If you have

already registered Naomi will

be calling you tomorrow 1/5/21!


Here is the updated entry form with

 new date for the Motorama 1962!!


It gives me GREAT pleasure to finally announce the

dates for the Motorama 1962 show being held at the

Indiana State Fairgrounds. This year's show will be

held February 12-14, 2021 with a move-in date of

February 11th! It is just so exciting to finally be able

to post some positive news! As of right now we are

foregoing the fancy flyer and going straight to the

entry form, which you can print off, fill out and send

our way! Please be aware that ALL, I repeat, ALL

entries must include photos. All entries will go before

and be approved by a selection committee so photos

are important. More show details will follow in the

coming months in regards to activities and special

guest, so please be patient. For anyone who has any

questions in regards to Covid protocol, the following

should sum it up nicely... "Health regulations vary per

state, municipality and venue. Any person participating

in the event must comply with/by these regulations/



Should you have any questions please feel free to reach

us at the numbers on the form and leave a detailed message

including your call back number and we will return your

call as quickly as possible.


Thank you all for your patience and we are so excited to

see you all at the Motorama!!

Always, Naomi



On behalf of the Road Rockets Car Club I would like to begin by laying the foundation of what we are about to announce… In today’s technological world it seems that we are all playing a big game of “telephone”… Passing inaccurate information to the masses at the speed of light. So in an effort to get out ahead of any rumors or miscommunication or even misunderstandings you are getting everything straight from the source. Of course it is sort of ironic that the girl with the smallest social media footprint is writing on social media… I hope it makes you chuckle as much as it has me.

The most important thing to remember as you continue to read is that the Road Rockets Car Club is NOT going away…

However, we are making some major changes and those changes directly affect all of you, our loyal supporters, dedicated friends and those of you that are like family to us.

The time has come after 18 wonderful and successful years for us to bring the Road Rockets Rumble to a close. Some things have happened over the summer that have led to this decision… Things that we have absolutely no say in and in the words of my club brother Goose… out of our circle of control.

Two crucial events have occurred…. First, the field that we rely heavily on for the show has been sold and will be developed. Second, Mr. Kote, the owner of the Waterfront and one of our biggest fans, has officially retired from the hotel business and he and his wife have sold the hotel.

Since moving to the Waterfront 11 years ago we couldn’t have asked for a better place to call home. We were tucked away in our own secluded world for 3 days with the koolest rides, the best vendors, the most outstanding bands and of course the finest pin-ups. All this paired with a dedicated and supportive hotel staff we were truly home. Replicating this is next to impossible and an endeavor that we choose not to pursue. We do not in any way want the show to suffer and we believe that it would. We have worked diligently over the years to give you all in attendance the personal attention you so richly deserve in a place that wanted you there and knows you by name.

With that being said, the time has come to bring the show to a close.

As I stated in the beginning, the Road Rockets are not going anywhere. We just had our annual Flag-Drag Race event at Brown County Dragway that saw a huge number of people and cars! I am currently getting everything in order and taking entries for our Motorama 1962 show being held in February at the State Fairgrounds.

Each and every one of us want to thank you ALL, what ever your role was in the Rumble, for all of your support and dedication over the years…. Without each and every one of you the Rumble would not be what it is today and leave the legacy behind that it has. Each and every memory will be cherished and smiled upon.

We look forward to seeing you all at shows like the Freaki Tiki, the E’ville Shindig and the Hot Rod Hullabaloo and of course we certainly hope that you join us for the Motorama!!

Again, THANK YOU for 18 wonderful and memorable Rumble years!!

Naomi and the Road Rockets


You can now see our Facebook

page at the bottom of this page!!

The Road Rockets


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