17th Annual Road Rocket Rumble


Okay here is the 2016 Road Rocket

Rumble Flyer and Entry form!!

Please read this and follow these


DO NOT mail in your entry form

until February 20th or after please!!

Mailing them before February 20th

will pretty much guarantee you

WON'T get a room at the Clarion!!



Once you mail your completed 2016 entry on

 or after February 20th it will be processed and

you will receive a phone call with your

confirmation number!!


You CANNOT make a reservation at the Clarion

Hotel without a confirmation number!!


After the Clarion Hotel is sold out you will

be put on a waiting list for a room. There will

be an overflow hotel as well with a shuttle

service running between the overflow hotel

and the Clarion!! 


We thank you for your patience and look forward

to having you as part of our Rumble!!


Just a reminder to everyone. If you want

to get a hotel room at the host hotel for the

Rumble (The Clarion). You must register for

the show whether you are bringing a car or

not. Registering is the only way you can get

a room at the Clarion for the Rumble!! After

your registration is received you will be

given a confirmation number that you will

need in order to get a room. There is a

 three night minimum at the hotel!!!


The band line up for the

17th Annual Road Rocket Rumble!!