In June 1957 as part of Oklahoma's Golden Jubilee, the City of Tulsa began their Tulsarama celebration.  On the last day for the festivities they buried a time capsule to be opened on June 15th of the year 2007.  Their Time capsule was rare and unique... a brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe, desert gold and sand-dune white.  Along with the car would be an official time capsule, but in the car itself were odds of ends of the people of Tulsa at that time.  The contents of a woman's purse, gas, oil, combs, a lighter, photos and even an unpaid parking ticket.  Its amazing to think that 50 years has past since that day and that this was the year... the year Miss Belvedere was brought to the surface...  Now some of you may be a little put off by her condition... but she has had a soggy life, but is in one piece and every inch of her is telling her story.  Now its my turn to tell her most recent story thru photos!  Tom, Modesty and I had the most memorable time in Tulsa and of course to be in the presence of such history and not only were we there but we were part of it! We met some wonderful people, some who were at the burial 50 years ago and some that flew half way around the world to just watch her unearthing!  It truly was a dream come true!  ~Naomi and Modesty


The Road Trip

Friday Morning

June 15, 2007

Invitational Auto Show

Miss Belvedere's Raising


Friday Afternoon

Miss Belvedere Enters the Convention Center

Friday Night

Miss Belvedere's Long Awaited 2007 Unveiling


Saturday Morning

June 16, 2007

Motor Down to T-Town Outdoor Car Show

Miss Belvedere Up-Close

"Stately" 57 Plymouth Fins

Saturday Night

Tulsarama Time Capsule



Some quality time with Miss Belvedere...

"Its so hard to say goodbye..."

The Mayor's Sock Hop